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August 2014 stats update Napa

Sales information for Napa County , CA real estate August 2014


  • Napa County: The inventory of homes and condominiums available for sale continued to move ahead for the seventh straight month in Napa County in August. The inventory (450) is 3% higher than it was in August 2013 (437) and also 3% higher than last month (437). New sales (128) were 8% lower than the pace last year (139) and 21% ahead of the pace last month (106). There is a 3.5 months supply of inventory based on the current sales pace. The “Days on Market” for the 88 homes closed in August was 72 days compared to 85 days a year ago. The median price of homes closed in August in Napa County ($503,000) moderated from the $557,000 level last month and was less than 1% ahead of the median price of a year ago ($503,000). The current median price remains 25% below the peak median price for the County ($675,000) recorded in June 2006. Napa County Luxury Homes: Sales of Luxury Homes (sales price in excess of $900,000) in Napa County have increased 21% for the period 9/1/13 to 8/31/14 (246) compared to 9/1/12 to 8/31/13 (203). There were 205 luxury homes in inventory at the end of August 2014 compared to 195 at the end of August 2013. 41% of all of the homes listed for sale in Napa County at the end of August had asking prices in excess of $900,000. There were 24 new Luxury Home sales in August 2014 compared to 14 in August 2013 and 27 last month. There is a 8.5 months supply of available Luxury Homes based on the current sales pace compared to 13.9 months supply last year. The Days on Market for the 18 closings of Luxury Homes in August was 100 days compared to 105 days a year ago. Napa: There were 252 available homes and condominiums in inventory at the end of August in the City of Napa. This is 10% higher than the inventory a year ago (229) and it is 4% above the supply last month (243). Inventory has risen for eight straight months in Napa from a low of 153 homes in December 2013. New sales (87) were 6.5% behind the pace of August 2013 (93) and they were 34% ahead of the pace of last month (65). There is a 2.9 months supply of inventory based on the current sales pace. The “Days on Market” for the 49 homes closed in August in the City of Napa was 60 days compared to 87 days in August 2013. The median price of the homes that closed in Napa in August was $485,000. This is 5% below the median price in August 2013 ($510,000). The median price in August remains 25% below the peak median price in the City of Napa ($650,000) recorded in August 2006. Up Valley: Listings held steady compared to last month in the Up Valley Napa County market (Angwin, Calistoga, Deer Park, Oakville, Rutherford, St. Helena and Yountville). The inventory was 146 homes at the end of August 2014 compared to 148 last month. Inventory was 14% below the level of 170 in August 2013. There were 29 new sales for the month compared to 28 last month and 24 a year ago – so the sales pace remains steady also. With this sales pace there is a five months supply of inventory compared to 7.1 months a year ago. The “Days on Market” for the 28 closings last month was 100 days compared to 89 days in August a year ago and 72 days for the County as a whole. The Up Valley market continues to be a healthy market.
For Sale in Lucerne

• 4,434 sq. ft., 4 bath, 4 bdrm - MLS $989,000

 -  The Lake House, ample room for the whole gang, holidays will be crazy, everyone will be up for the 4th, for sure, summers are the most fun but I love the silver winter water, the volcano view , Mt Konocti, filtered by a quiet fog, fishermen sliding silently by, Duck and Grebe swimming side by side, eerily calm, waiting for the next rain....Some homes are just houses, and some are not.....

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