elen lawrenceElen Lawrence ~ Realtor

"The Elegant"

elen is a one of a kind sales associate, with a style all her own. She prefers her name spelled in lower cases and always looks sophisticated. I like to think of elen as “The Closer”. She always closes her deals with ease and a matter of fact attitude "So what? Let's close this thing!" elen, with the tenacity of a bulldog and the grace of a swan. A winning combination, for sure!

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Sherry HarrisSherry Harris ~ Realtor

"The Resident Artist"

From basket weaving to jewelry to fine art, Sherry is a true artist. Her artistic talents shine brightly in her creative approach to selling real estate. Specializing in artist friendly properties, Sherry is one agent that walks the walk. She is true to her craft and true to her clients. When we say she is a niche agent we say it with confidence, knowing that she will find you exactly what you are looking for. Always on top of her inventory, if it is out there she knows it!

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Marci McDaniel-DavisMarci McDaniel-Davis ~ Realtor

“The Negotiator”

Specializing in short sales, REO's, creative financing, rehab loans and whatever else may rear its ugly head! Marci will always find a way to “make it happen”. She has never heard the word “no” and I don’t expect she ever will. We can always count on Marci to find a way to fix the problem, negotiate passed the deal breakers and complete the transaction. Truly our super star!

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James KellisJames Kellis ~ Realtor

"The Born Salesman”

Coming to us from a long family history of retail sales, you might say it’s in his DNA. Polished and knowledgeable, especially when it comes to anticipating the needs of his clients, James seems to have a sixth sense about “making the sale”. One of the most important aspects of any sale is making sure you do everything possible to make both the seller and the buyer feel like they were represented fairly, and for both parties to go away happy. James accomplishes this through all obstacles and it shows!

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Colleen ChatoffColleen Chatoff


I am the lucky Broker who has the great honor of working with all of the fine talent you have just been acquainted with. Every member of our team has the same focus, to be personalized not franchised. Every client is unique and every transaction deserves the creative personal attention that our team promises to deliver. I can honestly say that in our business there is never a dull moment and with the team I have assembled at Chatoff Properties , nothing is impossible. Just say yes, and then get it done....!

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